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Clover is a serial in the magazine Amie. It had started on the first issue of Amie to the March 1998 issue. It then stopped and now it is running again in the Nakayoshi December issue extra Amie Chirstmas Special. This manga is drawn quite differently comparing to the other manga drawn by Clamp.

This story begins with Kazuhiko, an ex-army, to do a favor for Kou, a wizard in the military. The favor was to bring a girl call Suu to the fairy park. There were many interruptions during their journey. Many armies from different places tried to capture Suu, but they got away everytime. After encountering many interruptions, Suu had revealed her true identity that she was one of the children who were chosen in The Clover project and she was a four-leaf clover. What was meant by 'Clover' were children who had special power. These children were then put into groups according to their power. The one and two leaf clover were the weak ones and the three and four leaf clover were strong ones. There used to by three three-leaf clovers but one had died, so there are only two remaining. Suu was the only four-leaf clover and therefore kept alone. The three-leaf clovers are very powerful and the only way to overcome one three-leaf clover was to use the power of five wizards. The four-leaf clover was so powerful that nothing can overcome it. The military believed that once the four-leaf clover belongs to someone, that person can take over the word and the military were afriad of that. That is why a four-leaf clover can only be on her on and was not allowed to have contact with the outside world. At the end, Kazuhiko had brought Suu to the fairy park. Suu had always wanted to find her happiness even if she had to risk her live for it. Her wish had come true. But because they were being attacked when they got to the fairy park, the whole fairy park was burned brining Suu with it.