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Magic Knight Rayearth was a serial before Card Captor Sakura started in the magazine Nakayoshi. Magic Knight Rayearth consists of two parts. Magic Knight Rayearth 1 and Magic Knight Rayearth 2. Both of them had been made into an anime. There is also an OVA (Original Video Version) call Rayearth. The story and plot is totally different from the TV series.

The three girls, Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi and Hououji Fuu went to the Tokyo tower for school vacation. They suddenly heard a voice calling for the Legendary Magic Knight to come and help save Cephiro. They were then tranfered to the magical world, Cephiro by Princess Emeraude. That's when their adventure begain. When they arrived at Cephiro. The first person they met was Clef the most powerful magician in Cephiro. Clef told them that they couldn't go back to their own world until they save Cephiro. He told them about Princess Emeraude being captured by Zagato and what Cephiro was like before and after Zagato captured her. Clef then, gave them armours and tought them how to use magic. They were then off with their journey. They faced alot of danger. But defeated all. Thier weapons had grown and they found all three mashin (machine god) and they were all set to go and fight with Zagato. They had finally defeated Zagato. That's when they found out that Zagato and Princess Emeraude loved each other very much and that Princess Emeraude call the Magic Knights to come and put an end to her life because she can no longer keep Cephiro as it was before and she felt sorry for that. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu finally finished their task and was tranfered back to their own world. But bringing back alot of regrets.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu were once again being summoned to Cephiro mysteriously, because the only person who has the ability to summon people from another world is the piller (Emeraud). But this time, when they got to Cephiro, they didn't see mountains floating in the air, volcanoes or the sea. They saw lightening, a sky covered in black clouds and a wavey surface which looks like the sea. But thanks again to Clef's spirit beast (seijyu), they were brought safely to the castle. They met all the people again. It was their first time meeting Ferio as a prince. Clef told them that te castle they are in was created from the wills of him and other powerful magicians. He also told them that the three countries, Autozam, Faran and Chizeda is trying to conquer Cephiro. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu wanted to fight for Cephiro again because they felt sorry for what they have done before. They want to go back to Tokyo without bringing back regrets. Presea gave them their weapons and Clef gave them armour and magic power. They summoned the Mashins and they were set off to stop the three countries from coming into Cephiro.