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Wish is very special because it is not drawn by Mokona (who drew most of the manga). Wish is drawn by Mick Nekoi. Mick Nekoi is the person who drew all the Clamp Pirate News which can be found at the back of the Magic Knight Rayearth, Wish, and RG Veda manga. Mick Nekoi's drawing are less detail then Mokona's. That's why many people don't really like to read the manga she drew. But I think she has her own unique style and it worked quite well with Wish.

On a starry night, Shuuichirou saved a little angel from the attack of a crow. The angel, Kohaku, promised Shuuichirou that she would fulfil him with one wish. But because Shuuichirou didn't have any wish and he believed that wishes should be achieved by oneself, therefore, Kohaku stayed at Shuuichirou's house and waited until he can think of a wish. More and more angels and devil moved in with Shuuichirou. Shuuichirou finally realized what the wish he wanted was, and it was he wanted Kohaku to stay with him. But it was too late, Kohaku was sent back to Heaven. But because Kohaku also wanted to stay with Shuuichirou, she had ran away from Heaven which was a very big crime but she didn't care much about it. One night, Shuuichirou suddenly died. And at the same time, Kohaku was punished by God. She had to be sealed for 100 years. But God did this to help Kohaku. God told Kohaku that Shuuichirou's soul will recarnate after 100 years, so kohaku can wait for him while a sleep.
100 years later, Kohaku and Shuuichirou met again and they didn't loose their feelings for eachother. Kohaku had fulfiled Shuuichirou's wish.